Meeting God

I have a strong mind. I have a strong body too, but it is my mind that’ll get me where I want to go. I want to be with God whilst alive and in this body. I’ve been trying to meet God since yesterday and so far he isn’t answering my calls. I don’t really know how to move on.

I’ve tried getting inside my purest part and using it as a vehicle to meet God but there’s a problem: everything that I conjure up as being God is just a part of me. Everything that I can think of is a part of me. Everything that I can touch with my senses is, or becomes, a part of me. I don’t know how to move outside of myself. I intuit that God is outside of myself.

The normal routes are too circuitous for me. I want to travel direct. I want to look God in whatever passes for his eye. I want communion. But how?

I have strength of mind, but this may be my biggest weakness. My mind conjures image after image and I feel that they are caging me in. These images, and the reflections of the world that leak in through my senses, are like a screen that is blocking me off from what is outside of me. While ever I am in this cage I cannot see God. And yet this body is valuable. I want to keep it. And I will.

How do I move beyond me whilst keeping me in? How do I meet God face to face? How is it helping me to type this message to you? Do you have answers? Can you help me? Then please do.

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