What a Great Day to be Alive

You are a beautiful person.

Well, I assume you’re a person. I mean, you could be a robot from the future reading this text in an attempt to understand an extinct species (humans).

I hope you’re not.

I’m okay if you’re a robot from the future. I just hope we’re not extinct and you’re looking for clues as to where we all went.

I wonder if Google will still be scanning the web for … erm … whatever it scans the web for when we’re all gone. I wonder if the lights will still be on and computers still humming away somewhere. I hope they know some good tunes (to hum, that is). Will Google see the news reports detailing the rising death toll from Covid-19 and figure out from those numbers that we are all gone?

I hope it doesn’t have to.

I hope we won’t all be gone.

I’m here today. Maybe that’s enough good news. It’s more than enough for me. Today’s good. Today’s fine. Today’s a great day to be alive. Hope you think so too. Unless. that is. you’re an evolved form of Google from the future and you’re reading this thinking (thinking?) boys-oh-boy but these creatures were weird!

In which case …

Well, nothing really.