Some Days Are Just …

Just a normal day.

I was walking down the street (Lord Mayor’s Walk) and suddenly I heard ‘Hello’, so I turned towards the sound and found that a young kid, he must have been about twelve, had wound the passenger window down in a car that was sat in traffic, and was leaning out of the window with a big, open smile on his face. He wasn’t asking directions, or offering any other words; he just said ‘Hello’ in a friendly voice and that was it. As I replied with ‘Hi’, I noticed that there were three other people in the car and they were all turned towards me with the same friendly smile on their faces.

I smiled back and walked on.

Half an hour later, I was walking down another street (Bootham) and my attention was drawn to loud music booming out of car driving past. The windows were all wound down and I could see that there were four young guys in the car. One of them was leant out of the back window, and as soon as I looked up, he called out ‘Hello’ in a cheerful voice. I called back ‘Hi’ and the car whipped past me and was gone.


I’m writing the first draft of a book and when it’s finished I’m going to rewrite it and (hopefully) get it published. When that happens, and I’m a World Famous Author, people will be stopping in the street just to say ‘Hello’ (c’mon – a boy can dream!) I’m thinking that if these people had said hello after I became world-famous, I would have thought that it’s because of the books (’cause hey, I’m not going to stop at one am I?), and it just makes you think how wrong I might have, could have, would have been.

All this talk of Karma, of ’cause and effect’ is interesting, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that stuff just happens.