Friday Gratefulness


Here are three things that I feel grateful for today (Friday):

  1. It’s Friday! Need I say more?
  2. It’s been a really busy day at work today and so this has given me the opportunity to get stuck in to some really complex stuff and so not let my head wander off into all sorts of other stuff that has the potential to take over an idle mind and proliferate. Damn, but it’s good to have a sentence that I can use a word like proliferate in.
  3. ‘I don’t care if Monday’s blue,  Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too,  Thursday I don’t care about you,  It’s Friday I’m in love.’ What stupendously gorgeous lyrics from a lovely band called The Cure. I used to love these guys, and now we have Catfish and the Bottlemen,
    Mumford & Sons and Bring Me the Horizon – all equally as lovely. Life just couldn’t get better.

It’s not just Friday, but life itself that’s full of joy and wonder. What are some of the things you have felt happy about today?