Skimming Stones

I walked home without the benefit of a book (too dark), audiobook (no phone) or music (ditto) tonight so I had to fall back on my own mind for entertainment. I did try gazing at the sky for a while but the darkly orange clouds couldn’t hold me for long enough.

So I meditated. There’s a lot of chatter in my mind normally – mostly voices and ear-worms, but I found that I was able to bounce out of that with my breath. On the down-breath, I dipped into the muddy lake of my mind with all that chatter and goo, and on the up-breath, I got into the clear air of a kind of mindful awareness of the silence underlying all things.

What a thoroughly enjoyable walk! After a bit of practice, I was able to stay in the air for longer periods of time. I was initially like a stone bouncing across the surface of a lake and then I grew wings and flew.

From being up only on an up-breath, I got to the stage where I was up there for an up-breath and a down-breath, and soon after that I’d gone beyond the breath cycle and I was free to fly through the rarified air of pure being whilst my body plodded on homeward under its own steam. Blissful.