A New Beginning

whoopI want to start blogging again. Any objections?

I have more to say. Showering is particularly problematic because I get ideas whilst the water pours over my skin. My mind has nothing to do but look at pure white tiles. It idles and then sparks into life. Flashes of genius penetrate and generate thoughts. Then they just … disappear. It’s sad when stuff disappears without trace so I want to share it with you instead. Would you allow this?

I’ll understand if you say that you will not have me (no I bloody well won’t!)

I’ll accept it if you reject me and send me away (like heck I will!)

I’ll go quietly into the dark if you don’t want me (not true – I’ll rage and rage!)

Anyhoo, here I am again – like it or lump it.

(and by the way – I missed you too)