Tuesday Gratefulness

Here are three things that I feel grateful for today (Tuesday):aaa

  1. I got a letter this morning to say that I was successful in the interview I had last week and so – the position is mine. Sure, it’s the same job I had before (the company had some sort of a reorganisation and as a result had to drop their numbers by one) but it’s a re-grade, and so a promotion, and it gives me more holidays and, potentially, if I do good, more money. Good, good, good.
  2. I broke out a new razor this morning, which meant that my morning shave went rather more smoothly than of late. I only managed to cut one (very small) part of my lip off and so I went to work with a hair free face and a slightly bloody smile. I also have this really nice smelling (cocoa and shea butter) body moisturiser and a rather dandy underarm deodorant, which means that I smell like a dream too. What more could a man possibly want?
  3. It time to leave work and go home as of now! Actually, I had a pretty good day at work today. I wrote a macro to update a field on one table from a field in another. It worked fine, but some of the data seemed to be missing. It took me way, way, way too long to realise that, although I was getting the data from the right table, I was checking the wrong one. Luckily, I have masses of compassion for my intense stupidity and so I don’t feel too bad. Just, whatever you do, don’t tell my boss.

These are only little things, but they made me feel good today. What are some of the things you feel grateful for right now?