Dark & Wild (100 Word Story Challenge)


Image by Bikurgurl

Sneakily, creepily crawling on bended shank and hairy flank come Dark & Wild.

“Ere, ‘Arry. Look … water. Drink?”

“Get away you fool. ‘Tis poisoned. ‘Tis the foul fruit of man and doth smack of chlorine.”

“But it looks nice. Pretty!”

“Aye, ’twas always the way of man to prettify poison. But yon light glittering ‘cross the surface of yon water is false ‘magination.”

“What about that pizza then, ‘Arry? ‘Ave it?”

“Same rules as always. If ’tis flat on table, ’tis forbidden, for they will hunt us down … Hsst, hide! Camera!!”

And so Dark & Wild slink away. Silent now. Unseen.

Written for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 140