So Ungrateful!

Someone interrupts me to ask me to do something for them and so I stop what I’m doing and help them. Then at the end, when they’ve got everything they wanted they start getting angry about something I’m saying to them even though I’m still trying to help them. Makes my blood spill over into my eyes. So ungrateful!

Never make a decision when you’re angry because afterwards, the anger goes away and the mind comes back to a balance and the thing you decided to do while the blood was spilling over into your eyes … well, you know. But by then you’re left with the aftermath and all that wreckage. So yeah, just remember your cool-blood state when your veins are filled with magma. Just cause no hurt.

Should I have deleted this instead of pressing Publish?

Yeah, I know you won’t answer. I know that.
I’ve ignored you too much for you to bother.

Sorry that I’m an ungrateful wretch.