72 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I like the idea of new perspectives. We do learn so much about ourselves and those around us and maybe we get a new idea to implement it in our mundane life.
    The upside down picture, reminded me of the way how we see things, because of our curved cornea. Sometimes, the brain does not want to do its part and we keep seeing things upside down. What do you think? Could we always find ways to re-teach the brain to view the world right side up?

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    • From Europe to the US must be a bit of a leap. Did you find it easy to adjust, Dajena? Do you still have an accent? Your writing does. A cute one. Mundane? Life is special – it’s gift. It’s love on bones.
      You have seen the experiments where they make people wear spectacles that put the sky below and the earth above? After a short while, the brain compensates (again) and sky goes up and earth down. And you know that when the glasses were taken from them, after wearing them for a couple of weeks, then the brain takes some time to adjust back, and so even without the glasses – the sky is down and the earth up. But you know these things already – for you are a teacher, and nothing is new for a teacher – yes? 😉

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