New Worms

I was thinking about the past. I was thinking about the bad things that happened there. I was brooding and mooding downwards. I was darkening and …

Then I thought of the nature of the mind and about a can of worms – as you do.

Babies pick up all sorts of things and put them in their mouth. Some of those things are dirty and nasty. And yet when you take those things from a baby, they tend to get upset and they cry. Give them something fascinating (and clean) instead and they may fall so in love with the new object that they won’t notice you quietly flushing their old-flame down the toilet and washing your hands. Twice.

Pour a glass of water into an empty Olympic size swimming pool, add a small sachet of red dye and you will get a small area of bright red water. Pour another glass of water into the red area and you will get pinkish water. Keep adding glasses of water until the pool is full (yeah, okay – you can use a hosepipe) and you will find that when you have finished, you cannot detect any trace of redness in the water at all. Magic!

And finally – the cans of worms.

I was thinking that things that happened in the past – bad things, are like a can of worms that has been opened in the mind. I was pondering about how it is very difficult to close a can of worms once it has been opened. Then I was musing on the impossibility of chasing down all those worms once they have escaped. Thinking about that can, and about those worms, seems to make them multiply and wriggle ever faster.

Then I though of this: how about if we just open other cans instead. How about if we just focus all our attention on opening cans of … oh, I don’t know … love, happiness, sweetness, joy, kindness, appreciation, bliss? If we were to do that – what would happen?

Okay, I’m trying it out now … Ah, look at all that colour and light! Wow!!

Join me?


65 thoughts on “New Worms

  1. I like the idea, but it presupposes that there are other cans to open. What if there aren’t, or they’re already open and their contents floating around already, or what if you’ve lost the can opener? Why not let the worms come and punch them all in the face? Or is that the Irish talking?

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    • All good questions.
      I tend to be of the mind that we are in charge in our own realm (our own mind) and that if we say there are new cans to open, then there will be new cans.
      I also think that creation is easier than destruction (and because I think that – it is so – bearing in mind that this is my own mind and that I am therefore ruler of all I survey).
      All these things naturally follow:
      If I think I still have the can-opener then I have.
      If I want to open a can of whoop-ass on the worms – I can. If I want to pop a cap in the worms ass – I can. But bearing in mind that bit about creation being easier for me than destruction (true because I think it is true – this is MY mind) then I can open up a million cans of worm antidote and flush them right out of my system.

      And after all that – we’re just talking about thoughts here. It’s easier for me to create a better thought that takes my mind off the old rubbish than for me to concentrate on the old rubbish (which, for me, would actually strengthen and intensify those rubbish old thoughts).
      Still – as I say – this is my mind, so no obligation for anyone to follow me – right? 🙂

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  2. Right, you just cant catch them so I have to let them wriggle away into the distance until I’ve forgotten about them. It can take days. I reckon the trick is to close the can as soon as I’ve realised its open! Well that’s the game plan anyway. As for kids balling when you take away something that’s bad for them but are attached to > sounds like smoking or someone half inching your beers to me LOL > Good post mate > always an interesting take! Weekend o’clock Robert. Have a good un

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      • Just looking at maps and planning the trip. Making discoveries along the route. Drinking lots of Tetlee ha ha. 24 mile hike sounds awesome and I’m dead jealous. I work every Sunday but even in England I worked then so you get used to it. What mountain is it?

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      • Not really a mountain, it was the Three Peaks (Penyghnt, Whernside and Ingelmere – sorry about the spellings) in Yorkshire. The highest was only 736m, but boy was it steep! 🙂
        I prefer PG Tips myself. 😉
        Good luck on the trip, Andy – when you get it all sorted – or something.

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