Wu Wei

The essence of Wu Wei is this: maximum efficiency comes as a result of minimum interference.

So, here’s another post with a Chinese sounding name.

I notice that when I write posts with titles like ‘Ju‘ or ‘Taoism‘ they don’t get as many hits as stuff like ‘All-powerful God‘ or ‘The Ten Commandments‘, even though I try to make them all as funny and insightful.

A bit of a puzzle – right?

My one and only reader in China – Andy Smart (an English author who’s currently meandering across China and East Asia) never appears on my stats as being in China, so he’s probably using a proxy server to get past the ‘Golden Shield Project’ (aka ‘The Great Firewall of China’). I wonder if I have any other Chinese readers. Hmm – probably not, judging by the popularity of these kinds of posts.

While we’re on the subject of Chinese internet censorship, it does seem ironic that this quintessentially Chinese philosophy advocates that ‘politically, a good ruler should focus upon educating the population rather than trying to exert control’. Go figure.

So anyway, because this ‘Wu Wei’ stuff is all about ‘minimum interference’ I’m only going to say this: when it comes to writing – do what you like.

Actually, I might just have figured out why these Chinese posts are so … unread.

Excuse me while I go sit in the garden and wait for … whatever comes.


Here’s a picture of some paint drying:



25 thoughts on “Wu Wei

  1. Hiya Robert > Yes educate and not control > I can go with that though the joke over here has been that there will never be a referendum in the PRC /// very sorry to being the BE topic up. Yes I am officially in Switzerland right now. In terms of Wu Wei > I can only write when the missus is out. Does that count? That paint is silk and not matte by the looks of things > may take a while to dry and there’s an interesting crack in the top right hand corner

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      • That stuff takes days to dry. Just dont lean against it! My missus just reminds me about everything. Right now I’m being reminded that its bed time, a habit that I find most frigging annoying. I guess all I have to do is close the door though LOL

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      • Yes a distant memory > I have now succumbed to wearing the correct allocated slippers for designated areas in the house and also witch towels to use and the correct designated areas for them to hang LOL. Do you have similar guidance?

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      • Ohhh yes – that all sounds very familiar. I’m trying to incorporate it all into me – slowly, slowly. It’s like trying to rewire an old house – do you strip out the old wiring and throw it away, or do you refurbish and reuse the old wiring and put fancy new switches on the walls, or do you insist that the old system is perfect and doesn’t need to be changed at all (and then insist that the occasional power cuts are great opportunities to use candles for that romantic dinner.
        And I think I’ve stretched that metaphor far enough. 🙂

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