If each of us only waits for our opponent to use force in order that we may divert it and throw them to the floor, then which of us would be foolish enough to use force?

Nevertheless – here’s how to use the force of your imagination for good:

  • Belief. Saying that something is impossible will put a block on your imagination. As you rise, believe you are on the moon, as you walk to the bathroom believe you can fly, as you look in the mirror believe you are 200 years old, as you shower believe you are living inside a giant tortoise, as you walk downstairs believe the postman will deliver a thousand letters that morning, as you prepare your breakfast, believe a rabbit in a waistcoat will run across your garden – any second now.
  • Mistakes. All the stuff that comes out of your head is valuable – even the bits that you might normally call mistakes. I mean, you might think that Einstein calling the seminal paper that gave birth to special relativity ‘Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper’ back in 1905 was a mistake, but the egg-heads of the world still managed to catch on to its importance.
  • Dreams. Never cease to dream. Always believe that dreams are embryonic actualities. Chase your dreams up and chide them if they move too slow. Prefer a perfect dream over an imperfect sigh. Dreams are dressed up imagination and imagination is at the heart of all change. Love change and you love the foundation of reality. Reality is the framework within which we dream. Dreams are … dreams are simply sublime, sumptuous and effervescently silly. Embrace your inner silly.

I should stop now. Writing whilst delirious is delicious, yet sleep tempts me away, away.

I shall dream good dreams tonight. What about you?


54 thoughts on “Ju

  1. Hiya Robert > 1st brew of the day and its a good one. Your posts always hit the nail on the head and it’s just what I needed to read. Took a two month break from blog land to gather momentum for the next project. How’s life?

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    • Life is good Andy – apart from the bits that aren’t. So what’s your next project then? 🙂
      I mentioned you in my latest post – hope you don’t mind (and I hope you’re English, otherwise I’ll need to do a quick edit).
      Oh, and thanks for the nice comment too.

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      • Oh yes you know over the past week it only enters into my head if I drop my the Guardian. Friends say its driving them nuts. Oh really > I’ll have to drop by and check it out then 🙂 Nice one! Two projects > one is hitting the road and the other is an ongoing fictional series > As Ewen McGreggor once said “We’ll get there!” (Long Way Round)

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      • Never mate > I’ll get there though. RE England – I went camping with the missus. She just couldnt understand it at all. She spent a lot of the time taking photos of people outside their tents which was kinda uncomfortable. The nudist beach blew her mind poor thing

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      • You see – that’s a book there all by itself – your wife’s reactions to the mundanities that people in England take for granted – like nudist beaches, JD and people sat on their front stoop. Of course you’d have to heavily fictionalise it – perhaps set it in space or something like that – where the missus is an alien that crash landed in England. I mean – it’s not like that’s ever been done before!

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      • I did start to include it in Book 2 but I think I may remove it > Its all there waiting to be edited and whatnot at a later date. The camping trip was kinda painful until we rented a caravan for the rest of the time.

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