Trojan Horse

A subversive force that is unwittingly invited in by the target.

I confess to you – I am a fake. I have no more use than a chocolate teapot. The words I write are just made up things that are no more useful than a bridge made of feathers. I do not know of one person who has done anything practical with my words, even though I have been writing them, faithfully, for 2 months now. My so called ‘writers tips’ have been pouring out of my mind like sewerage, besmirching the purity of the clean, white page and muddying the waters of clear instruction in the art of creative writing. I am useless and less than useless and then a worm under the rock of useless. There are a great many things I have written on this path of uselessness and some of them have attracted comments such as ‘humorous’ or ‘funny’ but no-one has ever said ‘I have taken your advice and I have made this with it’. I have received nothing like this and so can only conclude that my words are of nothing, of dust. Don’t bother to try to contradict me with words 0f praise or encouragement because they are just going to inflame my ego and I have more than enough of that already thanks. I would just like to say that if you have found anything that I have said to be good, then show proof. If there is no proof then there is no use to anything that I am doing here. Thank you.

And that’s what it feels like to be infected with the Hopelessness Virus. It comes into your mind and feels like reality because some of the statements in it are true. But that kind of truth carries with it a heavy dose of pessimism and gloom. That kind of truth is a Trojan Horse carrying doubt and self hatred into your heart.

To immunise yourself against these pernicious things, you must install the anti-virus package known as God and make sure that you keep downloading the updates. I’d tell you more but writing all that nonsense was quite draining and I think I may be in need of a reboot right now (or at least a nice cup of tea). Keep smiling, my friends.


49 thoughts on “Trojan Horse

  1. I believe all writers go through this insecurity. I myself have fallen victim to this dilemma 😞 I like commenting Because, it’s nice to know some acknowledged your work. Sometimes, we all want to relate to someone. Remember that your work, and everything you write, us NEVER useless.

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  2. Good written Robert, I too like comments rather then who liking the post. If you like something say something only clicking on star button hardly make sense on writers mind that what should I think. So everyone should comments at least once my advise to all followers and friends 😊😊

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  3. Hello, Robert. Diane is my good buddy! I had my own little meltdown about a week ago. Always happens when I’m about to publish. Doom, despair, self doubt and yes hopelessness. Then I get angry, write something angry, stomp around the house, wallow, post about it, let my friends pat my virtual bottom and move on! 😀

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  4. Another brilliant post Robert! Also, as usual I came here expecting to smile any laugh and that’s exactly what you’ve given me.
    On a different note, no piece of writing is ever a waste, however advices can be utterly useless. 😉

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  5. Doesn’t EVERY writer feel this way though? Words aren’t useless… it’s kind of my belief that if you put it out there and you are diligent about your process… the words will find the right people. Books have changed my life. Keep writing.

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    • Oh yes, you are totally correct and this is the very point that I was trying to make at the end. These things are sent to try us and we can overcome them with the power of love (or something like that). 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement – it means a lot that people are reading this and giving support.

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