(B’s status higher than A’s)
B: I’m terribly sorry – I’ve forgotten your name – Mr?
A: Jones, Mr Jones.
B: Jones, ah yes – such a common name.
A: With a J.
B: (raises eyebrows) What else could it possibly be?
A: (confused) It … er … took me a while to find you?
B: Indeed (disapprovingly). You find yourself in need of one of our marketing posts, Mr Jones.
A: Yes, if you don’t mind. Good job I allowed enough time.
B: Yes, yes – it would have been a shame if you failed the first test of initiative – well done (patronising)! Now, before we go to the interview room, tell me a little about yourself.
A: Er … well, where can I start?

(A‘s status higher than B’s)
B: Mr … er?
A: My name is Mr Jones – you can call me Stephen (extends hand).
B: Good to meet you Steven. (shakes hand).
A: With a pee aitch.
B: Ah yes – Stephen.
A: This is a lovely office – very easy to find.
B: Thank you, Stephen. So, you’ve come about one of the marketing posts?
A: Yes – that’s right. I rather thought I might offer you the benefit of my experience.
B: Lovely! Now, about the vacancies – before we go to the interview room, would you mind telling me a little about yourself? Just to expand on what you have already put down on the form? I understand you have experience in this area already?
A: Experience? Yes, it’s all detailed on my Curriculum Vitae . Tell me a little about the marketing department, here. I rather need to know whether this company is good as the website makes it out to be.

(both B and A have low status)
B: Mr … er?
A: Pete. Call me Pete.
B: Er, hello Pete. Cup of tea?
A: No thank you (bows head). I’ve just had one, thanks to your colleague.
B: Ah yes – of course.
A: I had a real struggle finding you – place is like a labyrinth – my fault – never was any good at puzzles.
B: I’m so sorry to hear that. So, you’ve come about one of the marketing posts, er, Pete?
A: Yes I have – if you don’t mind. It’s a very nice labyrinth – don’t get me wrong. Sorry.
B: Ha-ha. You passed our little test of initiative with flying colours. Now, if it’s not too much trouble – about the vacancies? I rather thought that before we go to the interview room proper, if you don’t mind – could you tell me a little about yourself? You know – to expand on what you have already put down on the form? You probably have plenty of experience – yes?
A: Experience? Oh, well, not as much as you – obviously, but a fair bit.

(status shifts during scene)
B: Mr James, do come through. Come, come (beckons impatiently).
A: It’s Mr Jones.
B: Jones? It says James on your form (suspicious look) – are you sure you’re in the right place?
A: It’s James Jones.
B: Ah – I see. Well, do sit down, Mr Jones (indicates chair).
A: It took me a while to find you.
B: Well, the address quite clear on the paperwork. So, you’re here for our Marketing Director vacancy, Mr Jones.
A: Yes I am. Apparently, and your receptionist confirms this, the company address is printed incorrectly on the letter I received (show’s letter to B).
B: Good Lord, so it is – I’m so terribly sorry. We have a new secretary – I do apologise Mr James, er, sorry (shakes head) Mr Jones. Er, where were we? Ah yes – about the vacancies – before we go to the interview room, would you mind telling me a little about yourself? In your own words? You do seem to have rather a lot of experience.
A: Ten years in marketing overall. The company names are on my rather lengthy Curriculum Vitae. Having working with some of the most successful people in the business on transformational plans that have added millions to the balance sheet, I feel that this is the right time to offer my services to this illustrious company. Tell me – what kind of bonus plan can you offer me?

2 thoughts on “Status

    • Andy! How are you, mate! 🙂
      Good to know you liked this and that, more importantly, your internet is working okay! I keep seeing a book everywhere, called ‘Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis & Joy Division’ by Deborah Curtis – it is literally haunting me! I wondered if you had read it and could recommend it. 🙂
      What have you been up to? Things still good with you I hope.
      Thanks for your kind words. I’m working my way through a book of exercises, hence all these little scripts. I’m trying to get myself up to scratch so that I’ll be able to do a Masters in Creative Writing, starting in October, without falling apart.
      Good to hear from you – Robert.


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