It’s Just Me

Somewhere beneath my skin I shivered. I massaged the tremor – worrying my finger-pinched lips back and forth. Rain gusted across the tarpaulin above me and the many holes wolfed the wind through to my bare skin. February was no month for bare skin.

Just an hour before I had been cocooned in lights that spoke of sweetness and love. Laughter from close by had enveloped me like Jacuzzi bubbles and before me – conversation like a mouth full of hot buttery toast comforted my mind and swelled my soul.

How quickly change comes.

Like a stalled old car – a useless hunk of metal – devoid of purpose or beauty, I had been rendered still and silent. Just four words had scoured out the three that had lived before in my heart – sustaining me and buoying my being in seas that spoke of happiness and contentment.

Those four words: I want a divorce.

5 thoughts on “It’s Just Me

  1. Wow, I love this piece some much details I felt I was there and then the ending shocked me didn’t see that coming. The last passage about the old car beautifully worded. Great Job this is definitely one of my favorite pieces of your work. 😀

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