Plans for Writing

Plans for writing:

  1. Read a shed-load of books on Creative Writing (done)
  2. Start a blog to showcase my writing (done)
  3. Write a novel with NaNoWriMo (done)
  4. Write something every day for an extended period of time
  5. Write another novel with NaNoWriMo (done)
  6. Join and attend writing groups in the local area (done)
  7. Publish a book on Amazon for the experience (done)
  8. Join online writing groups and submit my writing (done)
  9. Start a Masters in Creative Writing (done)
  10. Start a Meetups Group in the local area (pending)
  11. Collate my Writing Tips into a book and sell it (pending)
  12. Offer a Creative Writing module to current retreats (pending)
  13. Deliver a physical short course in Creative Writing (planned)
  14. Set up a MOOC based on material from the physical short course (planned)
  15. Compile the material from the MOOC and short course into a book (planned)
  16. Start an online Writing Group based in the north of UK for mutual support (planned)
  17. Complete editing on my two novels and release them (planned)
  18. Organise residential writing retreats in England and abroad (planned)
  19. Finish the MA in Creative Writing and release the resulting novel (planned)
  20. Once these are done I can start to get serious about my writing (planned).