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Oh, God – I feel so high.

I wish I could tell God that to his face. I can tell you to your face, though, can’t I Jezebel! Jezzie, Jezzie, Jezebel, gone to hell in a pea green smell. Hahahahah. Aw c’mon, don’t look at me like that – smile, Jezzie!

Oh, this is soooo smooooth! Brain cells, schmain cells. Let them all perish in the flames. The smoke covers your flames and … and … whatever. Imagine that – Archie banging mom. Well, good luck to them. Nice people deserve nice people and the whole world is full to the top with the nicest people ever! Ever and ever and ever. Wheeeee! Shhh. Shush, shush, shush. Such a sweet sound is shush. Shuuuuuush.


Clouds in the sky.


I wonder what’s in the fridgeridoo? Foodie for me! Plenty for me. None for you. You fudgeridoo. Plonk, plonk … shhhh. Too loud maaan. Hehehehehehe! Shsh.

Ah – pie! Jam ‘n’ apple pie – cut me a slice ma! Hahaha. Oh yeah, that tastes soooo good. God, yeah. Yum. Guh. Ummm.

No more? Oliver – tell them we want more! Tell them … Urp.

Sink …

Urgh. Bleugh – not nice, noncy-ponts. Hahaha. No, Jezzie – shh. Bleurgh.

Sit down, shut the door, sit dow …




Umfh. Snuggle bun …