Subtle Hints


(occurs before the events in Family & Friends)

Jezebel:  Yeah, that was a real bummer how Uncle Bertie went.

Justin:     Uncle? Ah, yes – Uncle Bertrand. Still, he had a jolly good run.

Jezebel:  Yeah, eighty-five – that’s old enough, man!

Archie:   Who’s ‘e ven?

Justin:     You wouldn’t know him. Before your time, old boy. He was –

Jezebel:  You might –

Justin:     Sorry.

Jezebel:   No, my bad – go on bro.

Justin:     Uncle – several time removed. Queer old cove.

Jezebel:   Yeah. (laughs) True that. There was that time on Mom’s birthday –

Archie:   Oh, yer?

Jezebel:   She just wanted to chill with Dad and, you know – get romantic, I guess.

Justin:     Ah yes – I remember the occasion. The music, the wine, kids in bed early.

Jezebel:   Oh yeah, we were bundled off to bed at eight – what a laugh!

Justin:     I rather think she knew we were on the stairs. Such a gracious woman.

Jezebel:   And then Uncle Bertie shows up – drunk as a skunk!

Justin:     Yes, I do recall he was rather tipsy. Rather too far into his cups to take a hint.

Jezebel:   A hint? That’s a larf, innit Archie!

Archie:   Wot?

Justin:     Archibald, do be a dear and fetch another bottle of wine, would you?

Archie:   Sure fing – what yer fancying?

Justin:     Oh, I don’t mind. Maybe one that Mammar and Pappar would have liked?

Archie:   No probs.

Jezebel:   Archie, dude – one sec. (rifles through bag). Here – pop this on will you?

Archie:   (reads) Romantic Moods?

Jezebel:   Yeah, man – great music for chilling to.

Archie:   Quite!

Justin:     Imagine that – Uncle Bertrand just standing there while Mammar was –

Jezebel:   Yeah, snogging Dad and he’s just waffling on about horses!

Justin:     Well, hardly ‘snogging’, but certainly in the mood for a little kissy-poo.

Archie:   I’ll get the wine ven –

Justin:     Good Lord, Archibald – are you still here. I was sure I heard you below.

Archie:   Nah – vat was the cat.

Jezebel:   Prolly wants feeding, poor little beggar. Would you mind, Archie?

Archie:   Yer, sure.

Justin:     Do be a dear and –

Archie:   Yeah, yeah – CD, wine, cat – I’m on it!

Jezebel:   Cool, dude – thanks Bertie … uh, sorry … Archie.