To Spill or Not to Spill (Guts)

Confessional posts are common on WordPress – heck, I’m willing to bet you’ve written a few of them yourself – I know that I have.

There’s a fine line between:

Sharing feelings in a way that genuinely helps the writer come to terms with and get some help for the things that are weighing them down. Spilling one’s guts in a way that one slips and trips in the gory mess and goes down with an almighty thud and brings others down at the same time.

Depression is a real thing and should not be swept under the rug. If someone needs help then they should feel free to reach out for it. That said – I’m not sure how helpful is it to wallow in negative feelings?

I think that the difference between wallowing and reaching out lies in the intention.

If a person is genuinely intending to get help then I would question whether WordPress is the right place to find it. I mean, sure – there are some wonderful people here and no doubt some of them are qualified and practicing professionals but – on the whole – we’re just normal folk trying to get by.

On the other hand, if a person is posting with the intention of having a moan about life, the universe and the impeding robocalypse then …

You know what – this is a really difficult subject to write about and I’m aware that if I continue I’ll probably rub more people up the wrong way than I intentioned so I’ll just say this:

If you want help then get in touch with someone that’s qualified.
If you want to have a moan then make it quick.

That’s it really.


(inspired by nothing so much as the sun in the trees and the dew on the grass)