Usually, when I’ve finished writing, I do a lot of editing in order to make sure that what I have said is proper and lined up. I’m not going to do that today so what you are going to get is a stream directly from my subconscious processes. This is my method of writing stories, but not sure how well it will apply to articles such as this. Let’s see.

The Oracle is a concept that’s not really in play in the ‘modern world’ but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use it. In fact, because it’s not now in fashion, we can say that we are establishing a new fashion – yay!

‘Automatic writing’ is perhaps the nearest we can get to ‘The Oracle’ these days, so here are a few tips to use in order obtain words straight from the mouth of the Oracle:

  • Get out of the way. The conscious mind is always trying to interfere where writing is concerned so we need to find a way to shut it up. Some advocate drink and/or drugs, but although this may work for the short-term, this is not viable for the long haul. Meditation or mindfulness are really good tools to get the mind to slow down and to diminish the number of thoughts residing there. Once these are out of the way, creativity can really flow and good results can follow.
  • Never stop. Sometimes, in the middle of writing, you will run out of relevant words. At this point, you may be tempted to stop and ‘think about it’. This can be a mistake. A better thing to do is just carry on writing. Often, when you can’t think of what to say, this is because the conscious mind has run out of thoughts. This is actually precisely what you are aiming to do. When you have run out of thoughts, you will start to draw on the only resource you have left – the subconscious.
  • Sleep less. Not so that you will have more time to write (although this is an added bonus) but because when you type tired, you tend to fall into little micro-sleeps. And when you sleep, you dream. These micro dreams are hardly ever about what you are writing, and this is good because they are based on the kind of irrelevant, irreverent and irregular ideas that can really enrich your writing.
  • Gather experience. Subject yourself to as many wild and wonderful experiences as you possibly can. The wider your base of experience is, the more chance you have of writing something interesting. So, the next time you are invited to go paintballing or bungee jumping or … anything at all – just say ‘yes’! (unless you really don’t want to, in which case you should definitely say ‘yes’!)

Above all – you should trust your intuitive mind to lead you down the correct path. Many things have been done on the basis of solid planning and have subsequently gone awry so you might as well give this a try instead. What have you got to lose?