Shh, come closer.

See that gun on the wall? You think it’s there for decoration? No. It has killed, and it will kill again before this hour is gone.

But let me start at the beginning.

You are not who you think you are. There – it is said. For all the nights I spent, chewing nails, pulling hair – for all that, it was easy to say.

Explaining? Not so simple.

Hmm – shall I tell you a little secret first?

Imagine this – you have to give the authorities 24 hours notice before having … relations with someone. I told the police a few minutes ago that I am going to … touch you. And so this too is your notice. You should prepare.

Ah, I see that question in your eyes – how do I know this will be so? Let me just say this: I know you, and I know you in all detail. I have been watching you. Your curtains and walls are no barrier to me. I am inside. I am as the fly on your wall.

You need proof? Consider this: I called to you – and you came. You obeyed.

Oh, don’t worry – of course I will need a little chemical rush – I’m an animal after all – but you’ll be fine – no hurt to you. No push or rush – all your skin intact. Your hair will raise and your bumps will goose but your gate will remain closed.

But here I am rushing ahead. Let me fill my promise and tell me about how you came to be.

It was barely warm. I know they say that it was hot, but they are wrong. And so you shivered as you stepped out of the pod – naked into that new place. Into this new place. As you stood, eyes trying to pierce the mist, the transport imploded quietly. You felt it go in the small hairs on the back of your neck.

A slight breeze. Skin drying rapidly. Smell of musk, damp and … something else. There – movement – swirling fog – shapes emerging.

Your eyes narrowed – you were meant to be alone. They moved slowly towards you, they spread out, arms outstretched. You turned, and that’s when …

No. Impossible! They have found me. I must …

Quick – hide!