Psychic Distance

Three examples of closing in on the character’s inner voice:

  1. On 13 November 2015, a woman boarded a plane.
  2. She was looking forward to her holiday in Spain.
  3. In fact, she was deeply in love with Manuel.
  4. His hands on her body – she blushed to remember.
  5. Movement – slippery slick, gasping. And the heat … oh God, the heat!

  1. First thing in the morning, on his way to work, a man walked under a ladder.
  2. When he reached the house he was going to paint he was glad to put it down.
  3. He’d carried that ladder for nearly half a damn mile and was sick of its weight.
  4. Still, it was a lovely day, he mused, feeling the sun on his bare arms as he climbed.
  5. Rough hands on smooth wood, careful with that … oops – naked woman alert!

  1. The girl dodged the man’s question.
  2. The man asked again with more bite.
  3. The girl began to feel rather annoyed.
  4. The man glared. He deserved to know!
  5. The girl – sure yet unsure. Should she?