Gender Guesser

So, I found this online tool that guesses the gender of a person based on their writing.

Here’s the link to the site in case you want to have a look (you don’t have to) or test your own writing:

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write 300 words (at least) of text and then I’m going to post it to this Gender Checker so that I can find out what gender I am. Actually, that’s not really true. I’m pretty sure I’m male (and if I’m not then I’ve been going into the wrong public toilets for way too many years). The only thing I’m doing this for is to find out whether I write like a girl or a boy.

Right, how many words do we have so far? What? Only 136? That’s way too few. Going to have to up my pace a little.

By the way, what do you think the result of this exercise is going to be? Not in terms of which gender my writing is like, but what the result is going to do to my self vision. I mean, if this thing decides that I write like a girl then should I embrace feminism and start reading Germaine Greer? Should I get myself a skirt, blouse and some nice frilly lingerie? Should I … Oh, wait, have I just stereotyped women in a most foul and calumnious (yeah, I had to look it up) manner? Uh-oh.

Whatever the case, we’re coming up on 252 words now and so the moment of truth is at hand. Can you feel the tension rising in you as we gallop closer and closer to the unveiling of this momentous … thing (couldn’t be bothered to look up another word; calumnious has tired me out already)?

Four more words. Done.

Highlight the text. Copy. Switch tabs. Paste. Press the button. And the verdict is …

Gender Guesser

Yay! I have a beautiful balance of male and female in my writing! So, did you guess correctly? And did you try your own test? Let me know in the usual way. I’m here to be your ear.