Almost Nothing

Found my Facebook feed and my last post is not on it and so this blog is no longer connected to FB. Must see if I can find the settings. But then again, do I want to? I mean, if it’s delinked then I will be less repressed in the way I write, right? And that can only be a good thing (so long as I don’t defame anyone, I guess).

My last post got one view. Not surprised. I mean, there might be over twelve hundred followers of this blog, but I’ve posted, like, once in the last two years. Y’all have forgotten me I guess. Apart from, of course, the person in Portugal who clicked on (and then clicked off again without leaving a Like or a Comment. Par for the course. You’ll be back. Maybe. Let’s see.

So yeah, Almost Nothing (in the title) refers to the level of interest I have stimulated today in the world.

Tomorrow will come. Let’s see what it brings.