To Greenland with Love


I love all the people in Greenland. I don’t particularly have a reason for this – it just appeared in my mind and heart and it asked me to tell you about it.

Greenland is a big place with a small population. Those people have a more difficult life than those in many other countries and yet they live and smile and love just the same.

All the cares you have and the ambitions and hopes you cherish are also alive in the hearts of those people in Iceland.

They have loves and hates (probably not Brussels sprouts – but valid all the same). They rush from here to there (maybe not so crazily – but still). They have problems and find solutions. Their toenails need clipping every now and again. In fact – they are pretty much just the same as you and me.

We should extend our love to people living in Greenland – as much love as you give your children and your pet hamster, that much you should give to the people in this land (and more).

For today, say a prayer (or have a kind thought, or send powerful energy, or cultivate good wishes – whatever is your practice) for the folk in Greenland and maybe one day, when you need support and love, you’ll find a parcel of wonderful energy coming right back at you.