For One Person Only

Angelfish with devil’s boots on – swimming across the table top in the company of Pewter, who is a whale, but only a small one. They watch the cliffs of the CD player closely. You just never can tell with CD players – sometimes they roar and other times they sit, quiet as chips.

There is a bowel too. In the bowel live bananas that are neither figs nor plantain. Sometimes an apple comes to stay for several weeks. Its fate is to be turned to compost, but don’t tell it, lest you hurt its feelings. Apples have feelings you know! For some reason I’ve never quite figured out, the oranges live outside the bowel, down-breeze from the CD player. You might say they swim with the fishes. And yes, I know that a whale is not a fish. But then again, neither are oranges aquatic creatures, yet still, they live in the sea of the desktop.

It’s an outside table. It holds my laptop well and the radiator warms me so as I sit and type these words to you. Far away, yes. In another country even. But still, you know the places and the parts in this corner of the world. You do, don’t you.