Demons are an Endagered Species

How many of you have seen a demon lately? Not me. I’ve been looking in all sorts of places and I haven’t seen a single one.

I think that they are an endangered species. Maybe there is far too much good in and light in the world for them to survive.

Or maybe they are hiding.

Where would they go tho?

There’s a fire extinguisher next to this desk – doubt that this would be a good hiding place for one that is used to the fire.

Lots and lots of trees here in York. I wonder if the faces that we see in the boles are the ossified remains of those demons.

The dark?

Maybe they are there?


Dodging the light?

Sneaking about in the shadows?

Let them stay there then!

When I’m safe at home in my bed. When I’m snuggled under my duvet, warm and nice, I’m sure that they can’t touch me.

Then I sleep.

And I dream …