I see sisters prostituting and I don’t like city streets so I’m a heading for the countryside where the air is fresh and sweet, to get some cool meditation.” (Third World)

Communication with a reality that goes beyond the typically limited experience of consciousness requires that consciousness be transformed in some way. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness.

Believe me, these words feel better on the inside than from the outside. Using meditation to get high, instead of drugs or drink is a tad unconventional – but it’s clean and free. And high you must get if you’re to write something more interesting than a shopping list.

If you’re serious about writing, you should have before you some method of recording your words. If not – why you reading this?

Breathing through your head is quite an effective meditation. Suck in a big breath of air, but instead of putting it into your lungs, direct it upwards and let it curl around the inside of your skull like a frosty breeze. Let it rush inside your forehead and wash those thoughts – up, back, down and out of your head. As you breathe out feel those thoughts shoot out of your neck, down your spine out through the base of your body (yep – that’s what I mean – shoot them out your ass like them is bad monkeys). Continue to do this until you start to feel light headed.

Light is what you need. Thoughts can be real heavy and without them you will find yourself floating away like a taraxacum’s paroxysm (yeah – I know – this is a test – fart that bad monkey right out).

Keep breathing.

Ever lighter.

Float up.




Stay in this feeling and write.