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Doodle by Robert

Doodle by Robert

In a funny mood. Peculiar, not ha-ha. Thinking about realism. Bodily functions. Small things. Triviality.

The majority of books and movies portray a world where the only use for a toilet is as a place to hide or perhaps to race past on the way to somewhere else.

I remember as a child I wondered if Queen Elizabeth II ever defecated. ‘Surely not,’ I thought, ‘she’s the queen!’

And yet – neither do characters in fiction. Have you ever seen James Bond on the loo pushing out a log? How about Hermione Granger, or Princess Leia?

Granted you’re not likely to spot Terminator peeing (although, thinking about it – if that robot is as anatomically realistic as you (probably wouldn’t want to) imagine – then why not?). But there goes the exception that should prove the rule.

But it seems that, in creative media, different rules apply. But why?

I dunno.

Here’s a pop quiz: which famous character would you like to see portrayed at his (or her) toilet? Let me know; I’d love to learn where your thoughts lead you.