Morning in England

Well, it’s morning in England and here I am on the blogging-trail again. I just hope that I can sustain the enthusiasm for more than a couple of years this time around.

Things have moved on a little since I last gave news. In October I finally completed my MA in Creative Writing. Apparently that means that I am a ‘Master’ at the trade of Arts. Thing is, though, since then, I’ve hardly written anything. A handful of posts (on another blog: and a single, solitary short story (not published) are my only outputs over the last half-year or so. Pathetic, right?

So here’s where the revolution starts. Here’s where I get down to the nitty-gritty of gritting my nippers (see – it was totally worth spending six large on furthering my education) and expressing my self afresh.

Good Morning, from England;
Good Morning, my World.
Good Morning, like a rubber band;
Good Morning … erm … yeah. It was going to be something about rebounding, but … there’s only so far that an education can take you, right?