Some of my Quirks

· idiosyncrasy · peculiarity · oddity · 
· eccentricity · foible · whim · whimsy · notion · 
· conceit · vagary · caprice · fancy · kink · crotchet · mannerism · 
· habit · characteristic · trait · feature · obsession · 
· fad · idée fixe · hang-up · thing · singularity ·

I’ve got loads and loads of quirks. I’m probably more quirk than non-quirk. So here are just three of them:

  • I can wriggle my ears a bit. I noticed a while back that when I smile, my ears move up a bit. With practice I found that I could isolate the muscle that moves them. So, yeah – ear wiggling. A quirk?
  • I’m going to live to be 120 and I’m going to be healthy for all of those years. That means that I’m not due to hit my mid-life crisis for a good number of years yet. Makes me wonder why I’m so zzzzt. Y’know?
  • I like to say things like ‘yeah, I’m not going to get that’. Like, with this pandemic sweeping the world – I’m not going to get that. Nuff said.

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