There are some things that people might misunderstand about me that I should perhaps clarify.

These mostly revolve around my quietness.

Don’t assume that my quietness in a group means that I have nothing to say. In a meeting, my general strategy is to listen and learn and not necessarily to contribute. I’m not the kind of person who needs praise or plaudits. I’m quite happy for those to go to other people. If I think of a good idea in a discussion, I’ll wait for it to occur to someone else and for them to say it. I’ll only say it myself if it doesn’t come up, but this is rarely the case.

Another reason I keep quiet is that I have quite a jokey nature. I like to lighten the mood in a group by saying something funny. I’ve received feedback from those in senior positions that this sounds disrespectful to them and so I try to keep my remarks and suggestions to a very bare minimum. In this way, I put a very tight gag on myself most of the time. I truly don’t want to offend, and so I just keep stum.

Here’s something that I’ve noticed: I tend to get interrupted quite often when I’m speaking. I don’t find this to be very conducive to finishing what I want to say and so, often, I don’t start in the first place. I would imagine that this is something to do with my ego being overinflated.

And there was something else, but it’s slipped my mind. I’ll add it quietly at the end when I remember what it is, by which time you’ll have read this (or not) and will have moved on with your life (or not), so perhaps I just won’t bother. Let’s see.

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