Cherish Your Loved Ones

Way back when; in a previous life; I wrote these momentous words:

It is not about winning, though, but about finding a balance.

Come 2020, I have no idea where I was going with this.

I can probably guess. but what would be the point. I can reinterpret according to the times we’re in, but would this really have any value? Or I can write a story about it, but who’d read that. Who’d want stale bread painted up to look like juicy pizza?

But here’s the thing: I sometimes argue with people. Well, one person in particular. And when I do, I want to win that argument so that, when I’ve won, I can feel sanctimonious and vindicated, and, by implication, the other can feel crushed, sad and unloved.

But then I look across at that sad face and I think whoa, this is my support. this is my life. what have I done? what have I gained by winning! And the answer is, of course, nothing. By winning, I’ve lost. We’ve all lost. Horrible, right?

So there you go. I couldn’t resist in the end. I just had to try to figure out what I meant in 2018. And in 2020, I agree. It’s not about winning at all. Winning is not the best thing to aim for. The best thing is to find some kind of agreement. Some form of harmonious balance. Some way to allow all parties to feel loved and supported.

So here are my updated momentous words for 2020. I hope they resonate with you.

Better to have lost and be happy than to win and be miserable.

One thought on “Cherish Your Loved Ones

  1. One of the first articles I have read since coming back to WordPress after a few years out… reminded me why I came back xD


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