Preparing for the End of the World

I’m collecting books for the end of the world.

I imagine myself sitting in a comfortable armchair with a stack of good books beside me and nothing better to do than read them.

Not at all sure who will be cooking or even doing the shopping. I only know that there will be unlimited leisure time and that I will fill it by stuffing my head full of the contents of books.

Forget about heat or electricity, water or any other amenity of life – it’s all about me enjoying myself in a patch of sunlight while the world falls apart somewhere outside. Safe, warm, fed, comfortable and in the heart of a good book – that’s what the end on the world will be like.

Zombie hordes be damned. Plagues of flies get away. Floods, fire and all kinda bad things like that will only be inside the pages of a novel. As soon as I close the book they will just cease to exist.

Just realised – I’m probably describing a nursing home.


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