roll-the-dice-craps-board-game-points-122427.jpeg“I’m taking a chance here. I’m going to tell you something that … I’ve never told anyone.” He swallowed once, pain stetching his skin taut. Sweat giving his face an unkind sheen.

“I’m a …” A cough erupted from his throat – as unstoppable as the blood that gushed suddenly down his chin, soaking the bible he clasped to his chest. He tried to suck in a breath, but even as his chest rose, a spasm of pain arched his back. Cords stood out on his neck as he tried to suck air in and his eyes widened with the realisation that he couldn’t.

Death had clawed the secret back from his throat and left it cooling in a darkened cave.

The next time around, she became aware, over a period of years, that something was haunting her. Painfully so.

All her life she had believed in God, believed in the power of prayer and believed that if she confessed her sins she would be forgiven. So she’d prayed and she’d confessed. But still.

So she took a chance. She gathered what she considered to be essential, sold the rest and moved to …

33 thoughts on “Runaway

      • Yeah I know all of that. LOL! THe research is already under way but not by human beings. The Curiosity Rover Is exploring it and sending back information. But Mars was the first thing that popped into my mind because of the great launch of “Falcon Heavy ” by Spacex and the great dual landings of the first stage boosters, Then the Tesla Roadster with “StarMan” in it. So, my mind being full of space launches and pictures of “StarMan” in space jumped right to Mars. Sorry about that. What a thrill it was to watch that big rocket launch and the boosters, instead of crashing in sea or some such, landing so gracefully.

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  1. I think you might be right about that. I’m happy in my quiet little neighborhood in my quiet little town. I don’t mind going into a large city for a shopping trip or a movie but I’m glad when I come back home. After all, I’m connected to the whole world right here where I live.

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