I’m thinking of writing a book about famous men through the ages with particular reference to their nether noses.

I wonder if there’s any relationship between the size of a man’s nether nose and his propensity to take and wield power, whether in terms of physical wealth, business acumen or worth as a warrior.

Would you be willing to buy such a book? And, pray tell, would it need to be illustrated?


17 thoughts on “HobKnobbing

  1. I’m not really interested in the size of a man’s penis. I wouldn’t want to read such a book nor would I want illustrations.I think guys get too wound up in the size of their penis. GEE!!

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  2. I wasn’t talking about philosophy… I was talking about temporal paradox.
    The consistency paradox or grandfather paradox occurs when the past is changed in any way, thus creating a contradiction. A time traveler can do anything that did happen, but can’t do anything that didn’t happen. Doing something that didn’t happen results in a contradiction. Consistency paradoxes occur whenever changing the past is possible.
    So that very well might have some bearing on real life. The grandfather paradox is called that because it’s about going back in time and killing your grandfather. Another variation is the Hitler paradox where someone goes back in time and kill Hitler before he does all of those rotten things. Time travel can be a bit tricky but, luckily, it doesn’t exist.

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    • You said it all in your last sentence – it doesn’t exist. Hence it falls squarely into the realm of philosophy – ’nuff said. 🙂
      Yeah, I know – I can be totally annoying at times. It’s lucky I have a funny side too, right? 🙂


  3. Philosophy is an attempt to understand some fundamental and important issues in our lives. These include questions about the existence of God, whether we can ever get the truth about the world, and whether we are able to know the right thing to do.
    I saw no mention made of time travel.
    Physics is the only science that explicitly studies time, but even physicists agree that time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand. … In the sciences generally, time is usually defined by its measurement: it is simply what a clock reads.
    I’m annoying as well… LOL!

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  4. There IS a way to travel in time if you want to go through a wormhole… no not the kind that you find in the ground… one in space. However, it’s kind of a risky proposition and since no one has really done that (except on Star Trek) no one really knows what would happen or if it’s really possible. I do try to keep you entertained.

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