21 thoughts on “Where Am I?

      • I don’t use the same little picture for each blog and I have to beat the things over the head to make them use the right one for the right account. Silly things. WordPress drives me up the wall sometimes as I’m used to complete control over my web content. Yeah, that’s easier for some but for web developers like me… not so much. I actually hand code my websites. I totally loathe the little programs that will make a web page for me. GAH!! So WordPress and I have a rocky relationship.

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        • Hahaha – yes, I know what you mean, Orpha – I like to have control over stuff too. πŸ™‚ Have you tried the self-hosted kind of WordPress. You get a lot more control over what goes on.


    • There’s lots of info out there about it (for example https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/) but basically there are two kinds of WordPress. The first kind is hosted on WordPress servers (where the URL ends in ‘.wordpress.com’) and the second is the kind that you install on your own server (or a server that you are renting from a hosting company) For the second kind, you would typically rent a domain name too and so your site would be called http://www.orpha.com (for example).


  1. The account I’m using right now is hosted on A WordPress server but my second blog is not.
    It’s http://loverofcards.net/wordpress/ and is actually hosted on Bravehost along with my other Domains. I have four of those. Only one of those has a blog. So the issue of “Where am I?” can be a bit strange at times. I had to search for this one. LOL. THe other one was dead easy to find but isn’t the blog you have visited before.

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    • Ah, so you are, as you say, a seasoned campaigner when it comes to websites. Here’s hoping that you will always know where you are in the future. πŸ™‚
      Kindness – Robert.


  2. When I first got on line, I had a free website. My son decided he wanted a website so we started trying to figure out how they were made. My son figured a bit out by looking at the source code for several websites but he still had problems with things. SO… I searched online for classes in how to make websites and found some free classes. We got the website up and running and he lost interest in how websites were made. It was too “boring” for him. I, on the other hand, loved the whole idea and took more and more classes on HTML. Now I’m using HTML5 and hand code all of my websites. This blog is actually done in HTML5 even though it’s WordPress. Yeah, I looked at the page source.
    This is only one of the many things I’m interested in. You already know I love to write, but I also make greeting cards, knit, crochet and do digital artwork from time to time. I also spend time looking things up on the internet.
    I think I know where I am right now.

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  3. Ahh… quantum mechanics… fascinating things there. Interesting idea there, Robert.
    I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. It started right after you started blogging again. Maybe we are entangled!!

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