18 thoughts on “Thursday Gratefulness

  1. Today I am grateful for pears.
    Today I am grateful for the odd selection of Shiner Strawberry beer they had at Aldi yesterday. It was strangely not gross and kinda good.
    Today I am grateful for leather hoods that lace up tight around my head and shut out the world and make things extra fun. I have no reason to be grateful for this today specifically, but the possibility exists and that’s reason enough.
    Also today I am grateful that icky feelings that linger after a nightmare eventually go away.

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  2. Thursday was a busy day as I had my Web Comp pages to finalize, a doctor’s appointment and I also managed to finalize this month’s Budget sheet which balanced to the penny. So it was a good day for the most part I think.

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  3. Rising early has many benefits – although feeling tired early is a drawback!
    Congratulations on getting your assignment completed!
    Very important to love ourselves first – then we are able to spread that love to others.
    What am I grateful for today? Grateful to have woken up, being alive, seeing my two loves before work and enjoying the walk to the station – my quiet time before I get on the train and start work! Peace and blessings! 🙂

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