18 thoughts on “Thursday Gratefulness

  1. Today I am grateful for pears.
    Today I am grateful for the odd selection of Shiner Strawberry beer they had at Aldi yesterday. It was strangely not gross and kinda good.
    Today I am grateful for leather hoods that lace up tight around my head and shut out the world and make things extra fun. I have no reason to be grateful for this today specifically, but the possibility exists and that’s reason enough.
    Also today I am grateful that icky feelings that linger after a nightmare eventually go away.

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  2. Thursday was a busy day as I had my Web Comp pages to finalize, a doctor’s appointment and I also managed to finalize this month’s Budget sheet which balanced to the penny. So it was a good day for the most part I think.

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  3. Rising early has many benefits – although feeling tired early is a drawback!
    Congratulations on getting your assignment completed!
    Very important to love ourselves first – then we are able to spread that love to others.
    What am I grateful for today? Grateful to have woken up, being alive, seeing my two loves before work and enjoying the walk to the station – my quiet time before I get on the train and start work! Peace and blessings! 🙂

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    • I loved reading that. 🙂
      Even though it seems like I wrote this so many, many years ago it’s lovely that you replied and told me about your day. It’s so good that words can reach out and connect us, even after time has passed.
      I too have a quiet time as I walk to work in the morning. A bit of me-time can’t hurt. 🙂
      Spreading love, peace and joy in your direction. It should reach you around about … (wait for it … wait for it …) NOW!
      Hope it reached you and finds you having a wonderful day.
      Kindness – Robert.

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