Wednesday Gratefulness

Here are three things that I feel grateful for today (Wednesday):aaa

  1. I managed to persuade myself to catch the bus this morning instead of walking to work in the rain and getting soaked to the skin. I’m not usually as self-serving, so this was rather a triumph for me. I usually like to make myself as uncomfortable as possible so that I have something to kick back against in my efforts to become a better person. Hmm – I never realised that until now. I give myself a hard time so that I get stronger. Let me think about whether I need to keep doing that.
  2. I got my favourite lunch today – 2 (fake) cheese sandwiches, a banana, a bag of salt and malt vinegar crisps (excellent for the sandwiches), two little oranges and a Nakd bar. And you know what’s even better? I’ve been treating myself to my favourite lunch for the last half a decade. Isn’t life absolutely marvellous!
  3. I’ve reached the penultimate scene (the one before the death scene) in the final edit of my next Open Uni assignment. After I’ve polished this off, I will only have a 700 word reflective essay to write, which will be about the process of writing the 2,500 word story. The piece is due to be handed in tomorrow. It might sound like sarcasm when I whoop and say that things are going really well, but actually, it’s genuine enthusiasm for how well it’s going. Deadlines are a wonderful motivator for me.

These things might seem a tad trivial, but they are what made me feel happy today. Happiness is important. Expressing my happiness adds to my happiness. What are some of the things you feel happy about today (so far)?


13 thoughts on “Wednesday Gratefulness

  1. Good luck on finishing your assignment, Robert! 😁
    “I usually like to make myself as uncomfortable as possible so that I have something to kick back against in my efforts to become a better person.” Wow, I can certainly relate to that. Asceticism? I sometimes go for hours without eating to see how long I can bear the hunger before giving in, and I take baths that are not quite hot enough to scald me, but enough to induce an artificial fever, and stay in the tub for as long as I can stand it. It feels terrible and wonderful at the same time.

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  2. I feel happy about so much – living in a warm climate, living in community, all my needs met, a healthy and happy family, the opportunity to homeschool my Aspie son in a community living environment, a house, furniture, appliances, car, beautiful surroundings, an excellent class on worldwide I’m taking this week, grace, unconditional love and acceptance, freedom, peace in my heart, God’s presence, and more.
    Been a while eh. How are things?

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    • Sound’s like things are going good. I’m happy for you. 🙂
      Yeah, life is good here too. Just stressing a little over an assignment I have to get in by midnight tonight and so I’m … hmm, shouldn’t I be getting on with that instead of chatting on my blog? Hmm. Laters. 🙂

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