Monday Gratefulness


Here are three reasons that I feel grateful to be alive today (Monday):

  1. I haven’t eaten anything with cinnamon in it today. I’m not so keen on cinnamon. I once bought some chocolate chip cookies from the Spar (a supermarket). Later that evening, we opened them and found that they tasted funny so Mum made me take them back the next day. I explained to the manager that there was something wrong with them and it was all going well until he pointed out that the cookies had cinnamon in them. He said that the ‘funny taste’ was probably down to that. He still let me change them, though. Yay.
  2. I packed a jumper. I put it in my bag, took it out again, walked to the end of the drive, walked back and put the jumper back in my bag. I was glad of it later when the office turned a bit cold. I put it on and immediately felt much warmer and nicer. Turns out my nannan (that’s what I called my grandmother when I was a kid) was right all along – it’s best to pack a jumper.
  3. I’ve become used to the taste of fake milk. It took me a while, and I had to go through loads of brands and base ingredients (soya, almond, coconut etc.) but I’ve finally reached the stage where a nice cup of tea tastes like a nice cup of tea again. In other words, I can drink it without my teeth furring up, or my mouth feeling greasy afterwards. The magic ingredient? Oats. The brand Oatly is good, but the Marks & Spencer version is excellent.

These may be small things, but they made me feel good today. What are some of your reasons to be grateful right now?


24 thoughts on “Monday Gratefulness

  1. i never knew how to make tea with milk, you have to teach me! also, never found a brand of fake milk that i enjoyed but i also didn’t try a lot of them. rice milk is to much rice-y haha and almond milk too sweet and sickening.

    today i’m grateful for having a kind of relaxed day, for having a nice meal, for being warm in these cold day, and for listening to my kids laughing next to me. and also receiving a kiss out of the blue, once in a while. 😀

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