Lost Word – Arrivee

I’ve lost a word. I’m sure it was there before. I’m quite certain that I’ve read it and perhaps even used it at some point. The word is arrivee (/əˈrʌɪviː/), meaning someone who has arrived. I can’t find any trace of it using the most popular search engines, except as a French word that means arrival in English, and that’s not what I mean.

Do you know this word? Have you spotted it anywhere? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Concerned of York.

46 thoughts on “Lost Word – Arrivee

  1. Thanks for making it exit once again. It was much interesting as well as informative read. I personally love to learn new words that’s what I have done today.
    Happy weekend. Will glad to have you at my site too

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  2. It’s a real word but it’s not an English word. It’s pronounced just the way you showed it to be. I recognized it at once. I haven’t run into that word except in French. So sorry. LOL

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