Some of the devices and techniques of rhetoric (the art of persuasion) are:

  • Simile – comparing one thing to another by use of the words ‘like’ and ‘as’
  • Metaphor – using words or phrases to describe things in terms of something that they are not
  • Rhythm – varying things such as duration and accent (the strong/weak elements of sound) over time
  • Assonance – repeating similar or identical vowel sounds, but using different consonants
  • Alliteration – repeating consonants, at the beginning of words, that are near to each other in a phrase
  • Repetition – repeating words to qualify the experience for the reader and ‘tug them on’
  • Qualification – an effect achieved by building up detail and clarifying one phrase by using another
  • Tone – a way of influencing the way a reader reads/hears a piece of writing
  • Amplification – enhancing the information in a sentence to give it more meaning.

11 thoughts on “Rhetoric

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