I’m obsessed with several things – some dark, some light, some to do with you. There are some that I don’t care to talk about, although I’m sure we all engage with them.

The thing that I’m most obsessed with is finishing a daily allocation of something. Books, TV series, foodstuffs, course assignments, blogs, work, electronic communications – they all have a daily target, and they all must be completed.

The next obsession I have is people. I must look and avoid. LookingΒ involves collecting reflected light. Who can own the light! Avoiding is about owning the light reflected from me. Hey, whoever said I was not a complex person!

One obsession that surprises and puzzles me when I think about it is communication. I love imparting and receiving information about me and you. It puzzles me to say that because I don’t think I’m very good at doing this. Fear.

Learning about stuff that scares me is another obsession of mine. Rather than shy away from objects of fear, I move towards them and watch them from a safe distance that diminishes the more I get to know them. The internet is safe.

That’s all I can think of for now. See if you can figure out how many of my obsessions I have acted on by writing this.




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