Margaret Atwood


I just read a collection of writings called Murder in the Dark by Margaret Atwood and I have to tell you that I really like the way her mind works.

I suspect that she is me in another body.

Granted she’s not quite as funny as I am, but she is just as talented as a writer. If you like what and how I write then I recommend that you read her stuff too.



6 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood

  1. Sometimes I like Margaret Atwood and sometimes I don’t. It depends if I’m wearing my good-concentration hat or not. But I note that Justin Cronin’s “City of Mirrors” is on your Goodreads current shelf. I totally love that man’s writing and read the whole trilogy almost back-to-back, apart from having to wait with huge impatience for the last part to arrive from the US as a trade paperback, as I couldn’t wait for it to be available here.

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    • I have a pile of Margaret Atwood’s books in the attic, just waiting for me to pluck up courage. 🙂 This one was only a slim volume. A mere 110 pages.
      I just finished reading Justin Cronin’s trilogy, and yes – the wait for the third in the series was torture! Took me ages to get back into the story when it arrived. Good stuff, though. 🙂
      You might have seen that I’m reading The Elements of Eloquence at the moment. It’s all about the figures of rhetoric (alliteration, parataxisadynaton and all of that). It’s actually quite funny the way he brings examples in. For polyptoton, he cites the Beatles – Please Please Me and in the process reveals that it is about oral sex. Imagine my surprise! I didn’t even think they’d invented sex yet back then. 🙂
      But I digress – it’s useful for the MA in Creative Writing I’m doing.

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      • There’s meant to be all sorts of hidden meaning and subliminal suggestion in quite a lot of music from the Sixties. For instance, when I heard Puff the Magic Dragon as a child, I thought it such a sweet innocent song, and had no idea it was all about happy smoke! The Elements of Eloquence sounds just the ticket for your MA studies. I am not sure that I could plough my way through such an erudite volume, as these days I’m terrible at going to sleep reading text books.

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      • Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Isn’t it a wonder that we all grew to be such balanced, sane individuals! 🙂
        Yeah, no – that book is not as hard as you might think. I doubt that I’ll remember much beyond the jokes, though. I’ll have to keep it to refer to. 🙂


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