All vs One

This blog is my effort to become a part of the world.

I am in two minds about the world. One mind says that I should just do what I want and that other people are not an important part of that. The other mind says that we are all connected on a fundamental level and that to fulfil our purpose in life we need to love everyone.

This blog was my effort to become a part of the world.

Having a blog has worked on one level but not in another. My connection to the world has improved but not my connection to specific people.
Those specific people include my wife and family. One regards my blog with jealousy and suspicion and the other hardly even bothers to read it at all.

I’m in two minds about specific people. Would I rather have a connection to the world or a connection to specific people.

Perhaps I need both. I’m not sure how to do that but it’s probably about communication. If I communicate generally then that covers the world. If I communicate specifically then that covers specifical people.

But where does that leave me?

13 thoughts on “All vs One

  1. It’s all about being about to balance the blog and your communication with the specific people. Have specific times to blog and then make sure that when you’re not blogging, you’re spending time with your wife and family. Yes, communication is really helpful. The world and these specific people are important, my friend. Well, i hope you find this helpful πŸ™‚

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  2. As long as blogging and writing doesn’t keep you from having quality moments with your wife too, then, to me, there isn’t a problem.
    As far of your family; some of my family reads the stuff I post, some not. The people who don’t, I only see at birthday’s, so I guess it’s no surprise they aren’t interested in what I do. As sad as it might be, or awful as it may sound, I became less interested in what they do too.
    Some people come into your life, some go, no matter what your relationship is with them. I believe, as long as my most important creatures in my life (hubby and dogs) are happy, then…I keep going.

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