Hayfever Season


I think that hayfever season is coming again. My right eye itches and I periodically give in to the urge to scratch it. That’s a beeeeg mistake.

Makes me wonder what we’re actually supposed to do with an itch. Normally an itch and a scratch go together like a scream and a rat. But, you know – the other way around. It’s not that you scream and a rat appears. Not usually.

Anyway, the natural thing to do is to scratch, but that just makes it itch more. And the more you scratch, the more it turns into discomfort, pain, bleeding and sepsis.

I heard on the news this morning that sepsis is ‘the biggest killer you may not know’, which sounds pretty darned awful. And all that from a bit of pollen in the air.

Oh, I know that itching is mainly just in my mind. You would only have to mention the word incense to me and I would be sneezing all over you. But all the same – it’s difficult to get out the habit.

I started reading a book today – You Are Not Your Brain by Jeffrey M. Schwartz & Rebecca Gladding. This three hundred and sixty-two-word tome explains that the brain sends us erroneous messages that cause us to do things that are not healthy. It basically suggests that there are four steps we can take to rewire our thinking (the paraphrasing is mine):

  1. Look at what you’re doing
  2. Recognise the wrong stuff
  3. Pick out some better stuff
  4. Start doing the good stuff.

So I reckon that if I clip my nails and file them smooth tomorrow – that’ll help, right?


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