Pale Orb


Pale Orb

Moon – you are too faint and far away to warm mine blood
Dull drear thy plumage, lifeless those eyes, cold that heart
Your bland arch of ascent and descent inspires never now
Much time has passed since I last looked fair on your face
Dreams of a lifetime falling around me as I ponder grace
Get gone pale orb that I may behold my only love – Sun.

Robert C Day (inspired by Vinayak – Zero Creativity Learnings at

10 thoughts on “Pale Orb

  1. I love the moon. The sun is just too bright sometimes. Although I’m obviously glad for it. Nice poem. Very nice.

    Also, where have you gone? I finally come back to the fiction forum and you disappear. Was it something I said? Do I smell? Snigger.


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