Made My Bed

Concerns that are foremost in my mind:

  1. That I can’t express what’s really on my mind for fear of hurting someone or other.
  2. There is no number two.

Let’s just say, hypothetically speaking, that a close friend of mine joined a spiritual group because he wanted to meet a girl. Suppose that the girls he used to meet in bars and nightclubs just weren’t doing it for him anymore and so he … well, suppose he thought that he would meet a better quality person in a group of people who were into metaphysical values rather than how good they looked in this or that outfit.

This friend of mine is now a couple of decades into a marriage with a nice girl who meditates daily and talks about spirituality all the time. She is sweet and loving, cute and compassionate.

They have not made love since 2002.

This is 2017.

Fifteen years – can you imagine?

At the end of the day, it’s not like sex is that big a thing really. He doesn’t get the urge that often these days. But when he does – he either has to think of something else, or take matters into his own hands, so to speak.

It’s hard sometimes (yeah, I know – pun intended) to imagine that he will go through the rest of his life – and that’s going to be about 70 years, without making love again.


It’s not so much about the physical act. It’s more about the intimacy. The shared experience. Two people wanting and satisfying – together.

Oh, I guess he could force the matter – I suppose he does have rights after all. But he’s just not that kind of guy. He knows that she values the spiritual more than … those kinds of things and so he just wouldn’t. You know?

There are others out there who are in the same position who … but that’s another subject for another time.

He’s made his bed. Right?


5 thoughts on “Made My Bed

  1. Intimacy is more than just sex, he must really love his wife and they must have a great relationship for the decision to be made. Each their own, no judgment – everyone lives their life their way. 🙂

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