Writing Retreat Needed – Urgent

bbbI need to go on a one week Creative Writing Residential Retreat somewhere in the UK before the end of March 2017.

I have 6 days leave from work that have to be taken by the end of this financial year and I thought it would be good to spend them doing something I enjoy – writing.

The best option for me would be tutor-led with the opportunity to spend some time writing alone, share writing with peers and get the opportunity to have one-to-ones with the tutor to discuss my writing.

Anyone know if there are any writing retreats in their area that have space for one more?


26 thoughts on “Writing Retreat Needed – Urgent

    • I wouldn’t mind having a stab at setting up and running Creative Writing Residential Retreats – seems to me that there is a lot more demand than supply! 🙂
      Yes – a career in which one can express one’s passion is very good. Making the world a (more) beautiful place would be even better! 😀


  1. I would like to be on a writing retreat too, now that you’ve said it!!! I wish I knew where you could go…But I was at loch Katrine the other day and I was thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to sit there with a pen and a diary and write without being disturbed!!! Maybe you could consider something like that??

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      • Ah a retreat in Wales sounds lovely. Do tell me how it was because I might like to go some day 🙂 and well I was working for a year (as a research associate) between my masters and this PhD and so this isn’t much different from working for me. It’s the same grill, same intensity, just a different project 🙂

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      • There’s maybe one big difference between working and studying – the direction of flow of money. Unless you’re on some sort of cushy (Hindi word?) financial grant or something. 😀
        I’ll be sure to let you know how the retreat went. You know – there are some lovely retreats up there in Scotland too. One in Inverness particularly attracted me, but it would have taken me 8 hours to reach there!
        Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂


      • Haha flow of money! Good point. But I would’ve never chosen to pursue a PhD in one of the most expensive but best universities in the world without a fellowship 😉 you fight and compete hard for the fellowship but the flow of money is in the right direction then! Cheers to that!

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